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The log4j security vulnerability

Update 15th Dec 2021: As the current situation is evolving security researchers noted that the presented quick fixes to mitigate the current log4j security vulnerability


Aqua Security and AWS – A beautiful friendship

Aqua Security offers a SaaS-platform for a number of security-related products for cloud environments. Together with the AWS-build-in-security-tools Aqua enables users to counter the numerous security risks associated with the configuration of AWS environments.

Amazon Web Services

What Gartner’s new Cloud Management Wheel means to Security

Gartner’s new cloud management wheel shows that security is significant and fundamental, but presents it as a single, non-integrated area.
We strongly believe, in modern and agile operated cloud infrastructures, security should be inherent part of the platform, deeply integrated.

Amazon Web Services

AWS Config: what, why and how

When talking about cloud security, and more precisely about security automation, being familiar with AWS Config is a must.